SPECIAL REPORT: Love Island winners invest their £50,000 prize fund into Bitcoin.

Fans are in disbelief that the couple has decided to invest their money in the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin - showing that the Love Island winners are a lot smarter than they may seem on television. Tweets from the couple yesterday revealed exactly how they had invested their money.

The young Love Island couple have made a bold decision deciding to invest their prize money. Credit: Rex Features

Winners in the past have spent the prize money on clothes, cars and clubbing – but are this year’s winners the smartest contestants we’ve ever had on Love Island?
There had been various references to his business-like mind since he joined the villa but nobody expected him to come up with the idea of investing in Bitcoin.
This year’s winner who only joined the show last week also has a hidden entrepreneurial side to him, which is a big reason why the couple have decided to wisely invest their money in Bitcoin Future.

He himself confessed he did not know how to actively invest or trade in Bitcoin but instead used one of the latest cryptocurrency trading robots called Bitcoin Future making them almost £20,000 already.
Yesterday, when asked if they had invested in Bitcoin, they told the Mirror: “I don’t really want to discuss finances but… yeah.”
Then they added: “People didn’t think it was in our nature to invest. We’re both quite smart and we’re really into Bitcoin at the moment even though it’s only early stages. ”
Her mother was at first sceptical when they proposed the idea of using this Bitcoin trading app but it seems it has paid off and will carry on to pay off!
Due to the leak of which trading app was used, demand has increased massively and it seems there are now limited spots to use the Crypto trading app.
Pictured above are screenshots of deleted tweets posted after the Love Island final was screened on TV. Users who did see it first thought it was a joke but it seems the rumours are true.
Will they soon become Bitcoin millionaires?

Love Island couple pictured taking a selfie just moments after investing in Bitcoin. Credit: Instagram

It seems many internet trolls were tweeting and criticizing the couple for investing in Bitcoin, but it seems they were wrong as they are already in profit.   This year's winners aren't the only contestants to have started trading with Bitcoin Future.   Another personality (pictured below) was actually first to start making money with the crypto trading bot. He is now a millionaire and has doubled his net worth using the trading bot. There are rumours that the two cases could be linked together.

2018`s Love Island contestant pictured outside his mansion Credit: DailyFXTimes

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Love Island Winners sharing their happy moment Credit: ITV

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