SPECIAL REPORT:  Brits Are Buying These 3 Stocks During The Coronavirus Market Crash - Here's Why and How

3 stocks are standing out as long term buys during the Coronavirus market dip. This report examines why and how Brits are investing in them.

Coronavirus Stocks discussed on the BBC

The Coronavirus may have sent shock waves through the markets, but in a time of crisis there always emerges an opportunity.

Experts are tipping 3 company shares to resist the panic and come out strong.  As their price rises, there are signs that Brits are already beginning to invest via platforms such as Elite Stocks.

In this exclusive report, we’ll reveal just how people are investing.

Invest in Stocks Now

Have you ever invested in stocks and shares?

It’s not rocket science, but knowing which shares to buy and how to buy them can be tricky.

Now is the perfect time to learn.

Why? Because the Coronavirus caused many company shares to drop massively in price. And, according to legendary investor Warren Buffet, it could be a good time to “buy the dip“.

This means buying the shares at a discounted price, in the anticipation of the price per share rising. This would allow the shares to be sold at a profit.

Here’s a simple step by step guide to 3 stocks and how you can buy them in 2 minutes.

1) Nike

Some analysts refer to Nike as a bulletproof stock in lockdown times. Why? Because more people are buying online, and looking for trendy sportswear to use outdoors.

Nike’s online presence is growing. It’s strategy has always been to sell directly to consumers online and increase it’s margins. With shopping stalling on the high street, it’s fulfilling the goal.

Nike’s also pioneering a lot of new fitness apps. This diversification of IP could be a good to time to buy in.

If you had invested in Nike 5 years at $56 per share, you would have almost doubled your investment, as the current price floats around $100. Many analysts agree Nike is a safe blue chip stock.

As reported on the BBC, Nike's product range has boosted its share price

2) Amazon

The Amazon share price history is an impressive ride. A £1,000 investment in Amazon back in 1997 would now be worth £2.5 million.

Amazon continues to be undisputed leader in e-commerce, cloud computing, cashierless checkout and smart speaker technology.

It’s also holding competitive positions in digital advertising, and video streaming. This diversification, experts agree, make it a very durable stock. Analysts over at Marketwatch are predicting a 22% growth in the stock in 2020.

3) Gilead Sciences

Many experts are tipping this stock in the Coronavirus climate. Biotech company Gilead Sciences gained an emergency authorisation for coronavirus treatment in early May.

It’s flagship product remdesivir is set to go through clinical trials which could see it’s price explode . It’s also pioneering the way for HIV treatment, and there’s M&A interest from UK pharma giant AstraZeneca.

In 2020, analysts expect Gilead to earn £6.40 per share on a staggering £22.55 billion in sales.

The incredible rise of Amazon Stock

How TO INVEST IN These 3 stocks?

With all the positive share price predictions, it begs the question: how are people investing in stocks and shares?

Brits are turning to the Elite Stocks Broker FXTB Platform, which allows them to invest in shares in under 2 minutes.

The idea behind Elite Stocks is straightforward: To allow the average person to invest in shares quickly and easily on a regulated platform.

Invest in Stocks Now

With Brits keen to learn more about Elite Stocks Broker FXTB  we’ve created a step by step investing guide.

First up – click here to visit the platform.  On this page, fill in the short registration form.

Next up, you’re asked to fund your account.  The minimmum investment is just £250. As your navigating the deposit page, your phone will ring. Rest easy – it’s your own personal account manager.

The account manager will talk you through the entire funding process, and explain to you more about the stocks and shares platform. You can deposit via card, or initiate a bank wire transfer.

Once funded, you may open your investment position on these 3 popular stocks. In this example we chose Amazon and selected “buy”.

Due to the surge in stock market investors during the Coronavirus, the Elite Stocks Platform is seeing an unprecedented number of new customers.  So be to secure your spot by registering today.

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Disclaimer: Investing in stocks carries risk – you may lose capital.  Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

The views in this article are the opinions of DailyFXTimes and should not be taken as official investment advice. Invest at your own risk.

FXTB Stock Broker is licensed and regulated by CYSEC.


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